busy intersections with backed-up traffic

19 05 2010

May I rant for just a few seconds?  When you’re driving down a busy, congested road (like Oak Street in Conway), and the traffic is so backed up that you can’t get through the intersection while the light is green, then don’t stop in the middle of the intersection and get stuck there during a red light.  It only makes the congestion worse…

This has been a complimentary public service announcement.

Thank you, drive thru…*

* Actually, don’t drive thru, if the intersection is backed up.




One response

20 05 2010
Say What?

…also don’t honk your horn at the person in front of you that follows the above advice. Just because you might be impatient doesn’t mean you should force others to be unsafe.

It only makes me mad, which is bad for your health…and your car.

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