concert with Tobymac and Chris Tomlin

19 06 2010

I just got back from the Chris Tomlin / Tobymac concert, part of the Hello Tonight tour, and it was AWESOME!   Chris Tomlin has some great worship songs, and Tobymac has some really jamming songs (along with a few worshipful songs).  They both used a live band, which makes it better (in my opinion), and they both made unique arrangements of their songs, so it wasn’t just like hearing their CDs again.

I have to give props to Tobymac, the Diverse City Band, and whoever arranges his songs for his CDs and concerts.  When it comes to the music, they get it.  There was such a variety of musical styles and arrangements.  The songs were all recognizable, yet improved upon (in most cases) from the original versions.   In the middle of Tobymac’s set, he disappeared for a minute and then reappeared in the middle of the arena with one of the background singers and a guy playing acoustic guitar.  He sang several of his songs, plus a few from other people, with just acoustic guitar and beatboxing from the background singer.   It was very different, but great.  And he got the crowd involved, too.  All of the other singers and musicians were great, too — many of them played several instruments, some sang, and some danced.   The background singers / dancers could probably have their own concerts (and may someday) — they were that good.

For an encore, Chris Tomlin and Tobymac both came out and did a few songs together.  Imagine Chris Tomlin jumping around and singing “Jesus Freak” with Tobymac!  That was neat.

It was just an incredible show, the way a concert should be.  So if you ever get a chance to see them in concert, it’s worth it.




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