Do you care if politicians lie to you?

8 09 2010

Howard Dean, the Democratic Party Chairman, has said a number of stupid things over the years.  A while back he said that Republicans are “pretty much a white Christian party”.  Since politicians tend to be guarded with their words because they’re trying to sell their vision (without telling you all about it), I have to wonder if there was an strategy to that or if his racial bias just slipped out again.  Either way, he admitted he misspoke.   Although his “apology” was saying that everyone in the world has misspoken at some time, and then he changed the subject.   He also said Republicans have never made an honest living in their lives.

A reporter at CNN interviewed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and asked about those statements, if they were mistakes to say.  Senator Reid’s response may surprise you:

American people don’t care about statements that people make that may not be totally accurate.

I’m not surprised that he thinks that way, but I am surprised that he would admit it.

If you want to read it for yourself, here’s the transcript.  (I realize it’s not a “current event”, but it’s to make a point.)

Can anyone explain how these politicians keep getting elected?  And do you care if politicians intentionally lie to you?




One response

12 09 2010

I care. and bad politicians are a direct result of apathetic citizenry to the democratic process. soon it will be too late to care.

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