a great Christmas lights display in Conway

18 12 2010

You might’ve seen videos online or on TV of houses that have thousands of Christmas lights synchronized to music.  I just found out that we have one of those here in Conway, AR.  I saw it last night, and it was awesome.  There are 4 houses that are all synchronized to the same music, which you hear over the radio in your car.  It’s located at Tony Circle in Catherine Place subdivision, which is off Nutters Chapel, off Dave Ward.  It’s not just one song that plays over and over, but quite a few songs.  I stayed for at least half an hour and heard all different songs, including 4 from Trans-Siberian Orchestra (of course, because their music lends itself to this) and Alvin and the Chipmunks plus a few I hadn’t heard before.  They have obviously put a lot of time into this.

Here’s a video that shows the main house (but keep in mind there are 3 others).  The video really doesn’t do it justice, so if you can go see it in person, it’s much better.

I found an interview with the couple who does this, and it’s in this next video.

In case you don’t watch the second video, they said each song averages about 300 hours of programming, and it takes about 3 weeks to put all the lights up.  It’s free to see it, although they do accept donations, and all donations go to charity.

It’s great that we have something like this locally.  Tell your friends, because most people will like this.

They have their own website, which has a songlist and directions: The Brighter’s Holiday Magic.




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