solar panels for everyone

4 02 2011

Soon you may be able to add solar power to your house for only $600, or as low as $200 after tax rebates.  The solar panels can be placed anywhere that’s convenient for you (though still facing the sun, obviously).  And they’re portable, so if you’re renting or you don’t expect to stay in the same house for many years, this works.  The solar panels expect to go on sale in 2011, according to manufacturer Clarian Power.  There is no expensive re-wiring necessary — you just plug them into existing outlets and it works off your home’s energy grid.

Do-it-yourself solar power for your home

Just think, if the price continues to drop, soon solar power may be a viable option for supplementing our electrical usage.  I sure hope so.  There’s a lot of talk about renewable energy and “green” energy sources, and it doesn’t get any more renewable and “green” than the sun.  I’ve heard it said that our sun produces more energy in one second than all of mankind has used throughout history.  We should definitely find a way to harvest even a fraction of that!




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