religious ad rejected for Super Bowl

10 02 2011

Did you hear about the religious commercial rejected by Fox Sports for the Super Bowl?  The ad was rejected because it contained “religious doctrine”.  Watch the commercial and see how “religious” it is.  Here’s the website referenced in the commercial, and you can watch the video there:

Of course, Fox Sports has the right to broadcast whatever they want.  I just find it telling of our culture that few commercials or movie trailers are deemed too violent or too sexual for prime time viewing, yet a commercial that doesn’t even mention God or church at all is too religious.

How far will this go?

It’s ironic because there are usually fans in the end zones who hold up signs that say “John 3:16”, and some players (like Tim Tebow) have painted John 3:16 into the black grease paint on their face before.  Some coaches pray with their players in public or in the locker room (which is later televised), and some players will kneel or make a cross gesture after touchdowns, and a number of players routinely thank Jesus in interviews.  Should all that content be edited from the broadcast?

Is there really a large group of people who would be offended at that commercial?  And is it really necessary for them to be so “politically correct” around religion while neglecting other moral issues in what they broadcast?




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