shortage of cell phone bandwidth

25 04 2011

Tonight we had several tornado warnings in my area, along with some damage from tornadoes, so I’m sure a lot of people were using their cell phone.  But why are we having issues where calls cannot go through?  This happened several times tonight, where an automated call for a tornado warning never rang but went straight to voicemail.  And some of the voicemails showed up much later (on AT&T, not so much on Verizon).  For a while, I was unable to access my voicemail on Verizon, which had accumulated several messages.  Why is this happening?  This is not the first time that cellular networks have become full.

I’m glad the phone companies are adding data bandwidth.  3G is good, and 4G will be great when it comes to this area, but we need to be able to make calls on our phones when there are emergency situations.  Actually, that’s when we need a phone the most!

This is yet another point in the debate for keeping a landline phone (besides call quality, which really needs to be improved also, IMO).

That’s all… just had to rant a little bit, and this is my soapbox.  🙂




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