evidence for judging people

9 07 2011

Here’s something fun for you to do, if you have any interest in political games.  Read this article called The Soufflé President, and tell me what the point was.  I don’t mean what it says specifically, but why was this written?

So because former President George W. Bush was found to be eating soufflé at a French restaurant, this “set the record straight”?  So if you’re in politics, people can infer all this stuff about you by where you choose to eat one meal?  Is it like reading tea leaves, except it’s reading soufflés?

Apparently you can’t be a “down home, folksy” type person if you ever eat soufflé.  I reckon Bush should only eat steaks and drink Budweiser, according to that author’s reasoning.  (I’ve heard that Bush doesn’t drink alcohol anymore, and no one knows what he was drinking that night, but that didn’t stop the author from assuming there was elitist beverages like Chardonnay wine being consumed.

The author is correct in that most of our elected representatives are wealthy — even if they aren’t when they get elected, they become that way from their special benefits and lifetime six-figure pay, not to mention things like book sales and getting paid for speeches after office.  But I’m not sure that eating a soufflé means as much as is implied in this article.  The soufflés at that restaurant do cost between $15 and $18 each, but that’s not exactly in the “obscenely wealthy” class…

Still, if you’re looking to draw a certain conclusion, you’re likely to see the facts through tinted glasses…  Or as I’ve heard someone say, “When you start with a presupposition, it’s hard to arrive at any other conclusion.”

By the way, I’m not saying the author has necessarily drawn the wrong conclusion — I don’t know either way, though I suspect Bush is more down-to-earth than most rich and powerful people.  I’m just saying the “evidence” is very unconvincing.




One response

9 07 2011
Thomas Wayne

I’ve joked about Obama mentioning arugula before, but it doesn’t affect my vote in any way — I wouldn’t vote for him regardless. I don’t know that eating arugula means you’re “elitist”, but I don’t know anyone who eats it… Maybe that means I’m not “upper class”… I do know that I’m in the cool class, with folks who like eating burgers and nachos and fried chicken. And drinking sweet tea. I bet Chardonnay ain’t got nothing on my homemade sweet tea!

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