Should you boycott Chick-fil-A?

31 07 2012

You’ve probably heard about the controversy surrounding Chick-fil-A’s CEO Dan Cathy and his views on gay marriage.  It’s sparked a lot of discussion, which is a good thing (if people will actually listen and consider what other people are saying).  I came across an article about it that is well-written and makes some good points.  However, you must keep in mind that this is satire.  Don’t bother reading the comments, because apparently many people don’t know what satire is, and thus miss the whole point of the article.  (Are the commenters really college students?  What are schools teaching kids these days?)

Chick-fil-A deserves to be punished.

I could say a lot about this topic, but the article does it so well (if you properly parse the satire, that is).  The point about full-time shopping with food stamps was one of my favorite parts.

On a related note, why do you suppose so many people struggle to identify satire or humor when discussing important issues?  Could it be because they are so defensive about their beliefs that they (subconsciously) jump at any opportunity to become offended and/or angry?  And if so, why would they be so defensive?  Or is aggressive attacking simply part of their defensive strategy?  Something to think about…


traffic offenders being checked for immigration status

2 08 2010

What’s the big deal if a police officer asks someone who is already pulled over for something else if they are in the country illegally?  For some reason, certain politicians are making a big stink about it.   It’s a major issue in Arizona now, as you’ve probably heard, even though their law for checking immigration status is basically the same as the federal law.

Let’s look at what’s normal.  Suppose you are pulled over for speeding.  The officer will look at your license plate and tags, and if they are expired, he will write you a ticket for it, even though he pulled you over for something else.  If your insurance card is expired or if you don’t have one, you will get a ticket for that, even though you weren’t pulled over for that.  If you have slurred speech or smell like alcohol, you may have to take a breath-analyzer test, and if you fail that you will get a ticket and/or go to jail, even though you weren’t pulled over for that.  So such things are normal.   If you are breaking the law for something else, you may get in trouble for that also.  So if you are breaking the law by being in the country illegally, you can get in trouble for that.  That seems normal to me, as well as reasonable.

But the issue goes deeper than that, doesn’t it?  Supposedly it has to do with politicians wanting to get votes from certain demographics…