Nancy Pelosi threatening illegal actions

15 12 2011

As I’ve said before, I can take only so much politics.  I follow enough to be educated, but the sheer amount of corruption and lies / misleading / deception typically involved in promoting yourself while smearing dirt on your opponents is disheartening.  While glancing at the political headlines the other day, I saw another example of this.

Nancy Pelosi has said she has dirt on Newt Gingrich but isn’t going to release it yet. She said:

“When the time is right. … I know a lot about him. I served on the investigative committee that investigated him, four of us locked in a room in an undisclosed location for a year. A thousand pages of his stuff.”

It would be illegal for her to release this information, yet she’s apparently planning to.  The irony is that the investigative committee she’s referring to was an ethics committee that investigated Gingrich in the late ’90s.  So she will inspect the ethics of other people, but is willing to bypass those standards herself?  Actually, that’s not surprising at all with her.

Of course, I don’t expect her to put her name on it if it’s illegal.  But if some unflattering info was anonymously given to a major newspaper, they would certainly run with the story and not name their sources.  (I see the reasoning for that rule of not having to name sources, but it sure does get abused when it comes to presidential candidates.)


Nadal’s coach making things worse

1 06 2009

World #1 tennis player Rafael Nadal just lost his match first ever at the French Open (Roland Garros).   He had been 31-0, and had won the championship the past four years.  That’s a phenomenal run, and it was a huge upset that he lost to the 23rd seed, Robin Soderling.  Actually when I first saw the score, I figured Nadal was injured or exhausted, but I later saw the last part of the match, and Soderling just outplayed him.  Soderling had one of those matches where he was “in the zone”.  It was awesome.

I could say a whole lot about the significance of the match for Nadal and the rest of the players, but I’m going to focus on some things said after the match by Nadal and his coach “Uncle Toni”.   Toni called the spectators “stupid” for supporting Soderling and occasionally booing Nadal.  And Nadal said it was sad that the crowd had been supporting Soderling during the match.  That did seem odd, but perhaps they were just excited about the possibility of a historic upset.

Toni Nadal had this to say: “They say it themselves and it’s true, the Parisian crowd is pretty stupid.  I think the French don’t like it when a Spaniard wins.  Wanting someone to lose is a slightly conceited way of amusing yourself.   They show the stupidity of people who think themselves superior.”

He’s certainly entitled to his opinion, even if it is judging others’ intentions (which he doesn’t know).  But I want to make a few points about why it’s not in his best interest to say such things.

1) Where was all his complaining in the previous 31 matches that Nadal won there?  Did the spectators just suddenly get stupid at this one match?  I never heard him gripe about this when Nadal was winning.  It sure makes him sound like a sore loser.

2) Fans are free to support whoever they want. They won’t always support the top seed or expected winner.  That’s just part of sports — there are people who root for you and people who root for your opponent (which is effectively rooting against you).  If you can’t handle that, you will have a rough time.

I don’t know the background for why Nadal’s coach said such things.  But ironically, he’s only making things worse for next year, if the fans remember.  If you want people to cheer for you, it’s generally not a good idea to call them stupid.

the smells of mowing

22 04 2009

I’ve written before about how I sometimes enjoy mowing, and Monday was my first time to mow this year.  There was the smell of freshly cut grass, the occasional whiff of gasoline, and the smell of… steaks?!?  My neighbor across the street decided to grill steaks in his driveway while I was mowing my front yard.  I’ve written before how I try not to lead my neighbors into jealousy with my grilling, and I wish they had given me the same courtesy!  🙂

If I would’ve had any meat thawed out, I would’ve been grilling that night…

Later, while still mowing, one of my other neighbors was standing outside, smoking a cigarette.  Unfortunately, I could smell it, and that smell really bothers me.  Was I complaining about smelling steaks?   Never mind!